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Obtaining evidence of construction completion
(last modified: 19/07/2022)

The purpose of obtaining evidence of construction completion is to receive the proof of completion of the work which the municipality issues when the construction has been completed and complies with the project specifications of the license or permit.

This section of the portal is a compilation of the procedure possible requirements, since the information applicable to each municipality or state depends on particular legislation, the requirements for a specific location may vary from the compilation given here.

The required information is obtained at the office of the municipal or state agency that is responsible for the specific location. There you will be informed about the document to obtain, the requirements, costs, resolution time and applicable legislation for the municipality or state of your interest. Consult the directory of municipalities here.


Possible requirements
1. Application in official format
Application in official format (original)

You must include, data of the interested party, the property and signatures of joint responsibles, when applicable

2. Alignment and official number
Alignment and official number (Simple copy)
3. Feasibility of use of land
Feasibility of use of land (Simple copy)
4. Construction License
Construction License (Simple copy)
5. Architectural Drawing
Architectural Drawing (Simple copy)
6. Current property tax voucher
Current property tax voucher (Simple copy)
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